Couple Therapy

Couple therapy is a therapeutic treatment which aims to deal with the various and possible crises that couples can encounter. It focuses on improving communication between partners and providing a clearer understanding of how individuals, given their personal stories and past experiences, tend to act, feel and function in relationships.

Gaia Polloni has had the opportunity to expand her couple therapy knowledge and skills by incorporating her training in sexology, which had a family-systemic approach, with her training in cognitive psychotherapy, and with other courses and workshops held by some of the most relevant experts in the field, both in Italy (Dr. Dodet) and abroad (with The Gottman Institute and with Dr. Sue Johnson, who founded E.F.T.Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy).


Today she works with couples and addresses a variety of problems including: communication difficulties, how to deal with and overcome infidelity, issues related to couple infertility (psychological support before, during and after artificial fecundation), separation and divorce, codependency, parental disagreements about children and sexual dysfunctions.